Almost there…

2 and 1/2 recording sessions done… Countless hours of post-production… 2 mixing sessions done… And half left to go. I expect “Five Years” to be completely mixed, mastered and ready for release by the end of the month.


Last Recording Session…

…is tomorrow. Just a quick 4 hours to clean a few things up, and then on Saturday is the (hopefully) last mixing session. 

We’re getting close here…


I Was Serious Solo - Take 2

by Truan Savage

…and this is one of the takes. Same exact form as my roadmap below.


So one thing this session has not involved is a lot of rehearsals. Luckily, we have the internet. So in lieu of lots of practicing, and since all of these songs have been previously performed or recorded, we made do with exchanging mp3’s and charts via e-mail and a last minute run through. I’m pleased to say it has worked for the most part. 

What has been most interesting, though, is hearing the almost immediate transformation of a song, as opposed to its slow progression from one form to another. Usually, it’s pretty difficult to document the process of a song’s development other than comparing the original version to the final version. But that would only tell you what it turned into, not necessarily how it got there, which in itself may involve hours and hours of rehearsals and run throughs. Because we had minimal rehearsal time, I ended up with really just two full versions of most tracks: the ‘roadmap’ I sent to the band, which usually was just me sketching out the track, and then the final performance. Hearing them side by side is interesting.

Here I have posted my ‘roadmap’ to the solo section of “I Was Serious”, and next i’ll post one of the band’s takes (not the final one). 


First Mixing Session Tomorrow

Well post-production has been moving along well and I am very much looking forward to my first mixing session tomorrow with Dave Darlington. We’re aiming to get about 5/8 of the tracks done, because some things have to be mixed before they can be finished in post. 

Hopefully I’ll have something final to post soon.

In other news, I have a very short session scheduled in the studio in late January to fix one item, and then I should be ready to send everything else in for a final mix. So that looks like an early February completion date. Hoping to stick by that. 


Post-Production Update…

So previously I set myself a lofty goal of having everything done by December 31st. Still a lofty goal? Perhaps not…

I recently got in touch with a mixing engineer which has excited and sped up the process of post-production. In addition, a few gigs have encouraged me to practice more and thus get some horn parts down sooner than I had expected. 

So, we’ve got two months until my goal. I’m gonna shoot for post to be done by the end of November, and mixing done by the end of December. 

Mastering we’ll leave until January. 

Very excited…


Recording Update

So I recently finished my second of two recording sessions. Things went well, and I’m currently in the process of religious take-listening. I’m trying to be sure which takes I want to keep, what I want to do in mixing, as well as think of ideas for post-production. 

To be honest I’ve kind of slacked on the post work, but I hope to get back on the wagon this week. The goal I’ve set for myself is to have everything in post finished, as well as the final product mixed and mastered by December 31st. A lofty goal? We’ll see. 

Just finished the second of two recording sessions. Now to dig deeper into post-production and some rough mixing. Will be updating as I/We move along.

Just finished the second of two recording sessions. Now to dig deeper into post-production and some rough mixing. Will be updating as I/We move along.


What Is Small and Round - Outtake

by Sullivan Fortner, Chris Mees and Alex Ritz

This is an unmixed, unedited outtake from the studio session in January. This is (most likely) not going to be used so I thought I’d post a little taste of what went on. 

Like I said, this is unmixed. Pretty impressed with how the stuff sounded coming straight out of pro tools. 


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